Why are the French so good in teaching mathematics? What do you think you should know before studying Maths in France? When one is about to go for a Maths course in France, regardless of the degree program he/she wants to run, they are often worried about understanding the language of instruction.

How do you cope when you see a group of words on the board which you don’t understand? Wait for the English students in the class to pass on whispers to one another or ask the teacher to tell you the meaning, or sit duck and pray you know it someday? This is just a glance of the many fears of an English student wanting to study in France.

Fortunately, Maths is not a course with many terms. Some terms such as groups can be easily decoded as group, but words such as Si et seulement si (If and only if) will definitely make an English learner rack their brain for the next five minutes in order to deduce the meaning of the word.

When it comes to word reference, English learners might find it very frustrating. My best tip is to search on French Wikipedia using the term, then change the article’s language to English. French universities focuses more on practical questions while English universities are more interested on proofs. Interestingly, lectures kick off by 8am in French unlike the usual 9am in English Universities.

Studying Maths in French universities will leave you with only class works. No take-home worksheets. Studying Maths in a French University is tedious at times regardless of the degree program one is pursuing. But Maths is tedious everywhere regardless of the country right? Yes.

But it can be less tedious if you accompany your study with a student grant. Studying Mathematics with a student grant takes your mind off the financial needs of your degree program. One of such highly recommended program is the Mathematics Scholarships for international students provided by the Lebesgue Center.

This scholarship is open to students who want to pursue a masters in Mathematics in France. Beneficiaries of the Mathematics Scholarship Awards for international Students can study in Nantes, Rennes, Brest, Angers, or Vannes. The scholarship covers an applicants’ first year or second year of masters degree studies.

The Mathematics Scholarship Awards for international Students provided by Lebesgue Center will sponsor students to study in the following universities located in France: The University of Nantes, The University of Rennes, The University of Quest, The University of South Britannia, The e École Normale Supérieure de Rennes, and the University of Angers.

Interested applicants to the Lebesgue Center Mathematics Scholarships must proof their proficiency in the English language. Applications for this scholarship will close by March 15, 2018.

Beneficiaries will receive up to 10,000 Euros annually. Applicants from all nationalities are qualified to apply for this scholarship award. The Lebesgue Center Mathematics Scholarships will be taken in France.

All applications are to be done online via their website or any other medium as stated on their website.

Get online form here.

For more details on the Lebesgue Center Mathematics Scholarships, kindly visit the scholarship page.




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